The Client Experience

“All financial success comes from acting on a plan.  A lot of financial failures come from reacting to the market.” Nick Murray

1) Initial Conversation
Our initial conversation is focused on building our partnership. We will discuss your goals, priorities, preferences, as well as potential obstacles.  Additionally, plan to discuss your expectations of our services.  All successful relationships begin with a foundation of mutual understanding.  We want to understand your needs and align on how we can best support you reaching your goals.

2) Discovery Phase
Based on our initial conversation, we now want to take a deeper dive into your individual situation. During this phase we will begin to outline an initial plan as we engage in a more comprehensive discussion about your personal and financial goals. We understand the hesitation to open up about personal and financial matters, however the more open you are, the more detailed and precise we can be to support your goals.

3) Plan Alignment and Implementation
Now it is time to set you up with a plan. Based on the prior discussions, we will deliver a step-by-step roadmap that will lead you towards your financial goals. Our plan is prioritized, first addressing those areas of greatest importance with identified steps to conquer obstacles. Holistically we will look to achieve all goals and pivot as priorities adjust.

4) Ongoing Partnership and Support
Your priorities and goals will inevitably shift; this is why we take a consultative approach.  Life can be unpredictable, so we embrace life’s challenges and can pivot to reprioritize your plan as your priorities change. We will be your trusted advisor and together we will work towards your financial security.